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Baby Quail Grenades
PredatorXtreme Series
graphite on paper
January 2014

This fantasy series explores the allure of hunting by merging prey animals with weapons. The first works in the series merged animals and weapons advertised in the hunting magazine Predator Xtreme. This exploration is intentionally absurdist, rendered in a medium which is clearly not based in reality—drawing. While the art may ask the viewer to consider violence in the abstract (a common theme), the violence in question is rooted in the animal world and is certainly less provocative than much of the photojournalism or entertainment imagery that we see every day. In these works, animals integrate with and subvert the instrument of their own destruction.


Lara Bank
4.25" X 6". graphite on paper. Jan. 2014.

Lara Bank
4.25" X 6". graphite on paper. Jan. 2014

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