a partipatory project artist


fertile creatures (series)
sapphire pacifier
onesie armor
infant vampire formula

belly back
boob shoulder

preditorXtreme (series)
fox gun
baby quail grenades

coyote sight
fox guns
prairie dog revolver
baby quail grenades

the dead garden (series)
Winter Shack, Brooklyn, NY
High Desert Test Sites, CA

the portable forest (series)
Dumbo Arts Center & Festival, NYC
The Armory Center for the Arts, CA
The San Deigo Museum of Art
Monte Vista Projects, LA
Sunset Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Human Resources, LA
Washington Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions
Sea and Space Explorations, LA

public art places
organizer, curator, director
sea and space explorations, LA
tree and space, LA
sound in space Festival, LA
100 person solo show, LA

you are the largest thing on Earth
art of exchange
primal scream painting booth

data planter
blue kiss
island of misfit toys

concept paintings
portal paintings
black holes
LED Paintings

Periphery Murder Mystery
Paradigm Shifts Frighten Small...
A Flat Ontology
born free

Digital Improvisational Ensemble

Lara Bank

Lara Bank is a Los Angeles artist producing participatory and static artworks questioning notions of culpability, power, ownership, space, equity, accomplishment, and most recently fertility issues and insecurities about motherhood. Her projects often expand upon where art can happen and test the limits of what we think of as an artistic practice such as The Portable Forest, wearable and portable foliage for public interactions (2008-2012), and Sea and Space Explorations, LA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery (2007-2010), and Tree and Space, a tree designated as a site for public art (2008-2010).

Bank received an MFA in Studio Art from Cal Arts in 1998 and an MFA in Painting from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1996.
Lara Bank
Onesie Armor. Graphite on paper. 18" X 23". March 2019.
Exhibitions and events include: High Desert Test Sites,The Dumbo Arts Festival, The Dumbo Arts Center, NYC; The San Diego Art Museum; Koh-i-noor, CH, Denmark; The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA;The Torrance Art Museum, CA; Kristi Engle Gallery, LA, CA; Human Resources, LA, CA; Monte Vista Projects, LA, CA; Sea and Space Explorations, LA, CA; Body Builder & Sportsman Gallery, Chicago; Raid Projects, LA, CA; Weingart Gallery, Occidental College, LA, CA; Foundation for Art Resources, LA, CA; Huntington Beach Art Center, LA, CA; Side Street Projects, LA, CA; Centro Nacional de Artes, San Salvador, El Salvador; Raflost Festival, Iceland; ISEA2004 Festival; LA Freewaves.

Her projects have been reviewed and discussed in The LA Weekly, LA Magazine, The LA Times, LA Record, Flash Art, FREIZE Magazine, Citizen LA, Sculpture Magazine, and The Washington Post.

Center for Cultural Innovation ARC GRANT recipient, 2012


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