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baby quail grenades

the dead garden
Winter Shack, Brooklyn, NY
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the portable forest
Dumbo Arts Center & Festival, NYC
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The San Deigo Museum of Art
Monte Vista Projects, LA
Sunset Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Human Resources, LA
Washington Blvd. Art Concert, LA
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Sea and Space Explorations, LA

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sea and space explorations, LA
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100 person solo show, LA

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Lara Bank
The Portable Forest Lock Down
for The Washington Boulevard Art Concert, LA
trees, pots, stickers, dirt, chains
2008 - present


The Portable Forest
are potted plants
that can travel for shows, events and happenings inside and outside. Typically they are shown interacting with the space they are in or traveling metaphorically if not physically.

Ten cypress trees chained and padlocked in a circle around a LA Times newspaper box for the Washington Boulevard Art Concert, LA, CA on October 13, 2009 protesting the use of paper.

Lara Bank Lara Bank