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Black Holes
Convex canvases painted with Aeroglaze® Z306 Black Paint by Lord Corporation

LORD Aeroglaze® Z306 coating is an absorptive polyurethane coating that is the darkest matte black paint on the US market.

This coating is typically used in aerospace operations such as optics, telescopes, and laser devices where a flat black with little reflectivity is necessary.

A black, called Super black, developed at the National Physical Laboratory in the United Kingdom, is blacker but is not on the market.

% of Light Absorbed       % of Light Reflected
LORD Aeroglaze® Z306                99.09                                       .91      
Super black                                  99.6                                         .4
Conventional black paint                  97.5                                       2.5

Lara Bank
Black Hole I, Aeroglaze® Z306 Black Paint, 18, 2011



Previous Black Hole Canvas ideas...

Lara Bank
Black Hole II, acrylic on canvas, 18", 2007
Lara Bank

Black Hole Tail, acrylic on canvas, 18", 2007

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